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Sons Of Methuselah present the new title “Mintaka” on the Songbird imprint.

Last year Sons Of Methuselah scored big time with “Convolutions”. The man behind the name is Martin Clark, known in the industry as producer, composer and remixer who still manages to keep things around his name elusive. It makes for a perfect guise to release ever so attractive singles.

“Mintaka” is a trance influenced club track with a driving progressive undertone and subtle techy elements. A perfect follow up to “Convolutions”.

          Sons of Methuselah - Mintaka (Teaser) by Sons of Methuselah

 Dimitri Kechagias review: Songbird continues to bring to the front quality tracks that fit the Songbird definition of trance music that so well has put in place the successful and IDMA nominated compilation In Search of Sunrise. Mintaka is a superb progressive trancer meets house style  that follows the Songbird moto very closely. Its a beautiful and very mesmerising trippy club  track that can be used as the perfect tool to warm up the senses of your audience and let them enjoy with much more open heart the rest of the tracks. The whole production has a Balearic tribal trance feel to it delivering to the listener an exotic and highly atmospheric feeling of course. You close your eyes for a while and let you body become light and fluid as possible like the water running from mountain sources to the sea. The breakdown is exceptional with strong unforgettable romantic piano melody that works perfectly as the calming soothing point before the groovy tribal trance beat goes back to continue your sound adventures on the dancefloor! Quality sounds once again on Songbird.  Love It! 

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