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    REVIEW: Christina Stürmer Millionen Lichter incl remixes out on Universal Music Germany

    1-Blank & Jones remix
    2-Tocadisco remix

    The starry sky on a clear summer night and a spectacular evening view over the rooftops of a city or hidden behind the clouds. Millions of lights are always and everywhere. Sometimes they are not visible, but they are there.

      Christina Stürmer succeeds with her new single "Million Lights" (released 3/29/13) to capture  and carry this feeling. At the same time it stimulates charmingly the viewer to think and rethink. The title is hopeful for everyone loneliness  and shows that we all belong together. The Austrian conveyed the feeling of new beginnings. Life altering. Never give up hope.

      The first single from the new album "I listen to my heart" (release date 04.19.2013) is a contemporary Christina Stürmer sound, which is refreshingly new and yet pleasantly familiar. The young musician has grown up and matured. Her earthiness and self-awareness they not only make a unique personality. Her natural charm is a welcome change in the thicket of interchangeable one-hit wonder.

    Dj Tocadisco and the DJ duo Blank & Jones have created hand and light the "million lights" in other colors.

      The music video for the single was created in Los Angeles and draws the viewer like a road movie in its spell. During her  stay in the City of Angels played Christina Stürmer a club concert in Venice Beach and proves also impressive that the people they live enthusiastically, and indicates that the language of music is universal.

     Dimitri Kechagias review: Its always great pleasure to get a very nice single that seems to be able to talk in many different languages and add some lights within our hearts. The very talented Christina Sturmer presents her single  Millionen Lichter that includes two top remixes for the clubs of course. The beloved German duo Blank & Jones rework the original into a laid back, super groovy, late night tech house version that will sooth you and relax you for sure. Its on of those cases that music and the sensitive voice of Christina takes us on board for a mind trip. Music is all about escaping into another world and this remix manage to do serves that goal. The uber talented Tocadisco is on board and he transforms the original into a bouncy pumping epic prog house affair with break beat style intro and fantastic euphoric hands in the air climax. As always Tocadisco delivers the goods and impress us all deeply. Rock your clubs and bring light to the heart of your clubbers. Love iT!

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