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    REVIEW: Paul Legvand - Soul / Eltanin out on Cold Breath records

    1 Paul Legvand - Soul (Original Mix)
    2 Paul Legvand - Eltanin (Original Mix)

    This release presents two pronounced in the style of progressive trance styles.

    "Eltanin" - can not give you sleep. The track is filled with bright bass lines and cosmic melodies, explosive lead parties. Vigor for the day provided to you.

    The second track is not nearly concede ground and keeps up with the first.

    "Soul" - A great progressive groove with nice vocals, nice wide pit will make fall in love with it!


    Dimitri Kechagias review: Cold Breath records is a brand new record label with great prospects if it keeps the quality level so high as it happens with the 6 releases so far. Latest tracks come from Paul Legvand studio and will win your attention for several reasons. Most important reason is the high quality of the production and the great new ideas that are in play on both tracks. First of all is Soul that stays faithful on the proglifting trance territory as it combines in the finest possible way beatiful mesmerizing female vocals with energetic electro touched basslines, driving beats and colorful dreamy melodies. It targets your Soul and there is a high possibility that can find its goal particularly if you hear the piano melody in the breakdown. Hair raising sounds and well composed sounds in one explosive package. Eltanin on the other side is the more powerful hands in the air track with huge synthy leads in the breakdown and mindblowing climax. Trance euphoria at its best. Love iT!

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    Item Reviewed: REVIEW: Paul Legvand - Soul / Eltanin out on Cold Breath records Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Flux BPM Administrator
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